Christmas Card 2021





Our 2021 Christmas card carries the image of the Nativity of Our Savior, Jesus Christ. The card has Latin text from the Liturgical proper to the feast (with English translation on overleaf).

Printed on fine cream-colored stock (matching envelopes), these cards call to the attention of the recipient the timeless beauty of the Traditional Liturgy during the season of Christmas.  Actual card size: 5 1/2″ x 4 1/4″

These cards are reserved in appearance –a welcome contrast to the commercialism that secularizes so many modern-day observances of this hallowed feast.

Package of 10.

Translation of Latin text taken from the Antiphon at Lauds of Christmas Day:

“Lo, a maiden hath borne the King whose Name is everlasting: she hath both the joy of a mother and the honour of a virgin: before her hath none been seen like her, nor shall there be after, alleluia.”

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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 1 in