CD: Exaltation of the Holy Cross


Palestrina's Missa Sacerdos et Pontifex



The Saint Gregory Society has produced the music for the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. The CD was recorded and is presented in thanksgiving for the pontificate of our Holy Father Benedict XVI and the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum which went into effect on the Feast of the Holy Cross, 2007. The Mass setting is Palestrina’s ravishing and seldom-recorded Missa Sacerdos et Pontifex, with two motets — Nos autem gloriari and O sacrum convivium — by the same composer, and the Gregorian Mass propers of the Feast of the Holy Cross. Recorded September 2007. A perfect gift for anyone who loves the Latin Mass and who wishes to commemorate this historic time in the Church.

Track listing:

    1. Introit: Nos autem gloriari (plainsong, mode iv)
    2. Kyrie eleison: Missa Sacerdos et Pontifex (Palestrina)
    3. Gloria in excelsis Deo: Missa Sacerdos et Pontifex (Palestrina)
    4. Collect (plainsong)
    5. Lesson (plainsong)
    6. Gradual: Christus factus est (plainsong, mode v)
    7. Alleluia: Dulce lignum (plainsong, mode viii)
    8. Gospel (plainsong)
    9. Credo: Missa Sacerdos et Pontifex (Palestrina)
    10. Offertory: Protege, Domine (plainsong, mode ii)
    11. Motet at the Offertory: Nos autem gloriari (Palestrina)
    12. Preface (plainsong)
    13. Sanctus: Missa Sacerdos et Pontifex (Palestrina)
    14. Benedictus: Missa Sacerdos et Pontifex (Palestrina)
    15. Pater Noster (plainsong)
    16. Agnus Dei: Missa Sacerdos et Pontifex (Palestrina)
    17. Communion Antiphon: Per signum Crucis (plainsong, mode iv)
    18. Motet at the Communion: O Sacrum Convivium (Palestrina)
    19. Postcommunion (plainsong)
    20. Dismissal (plainsong)