CD: Solemn Mass of Christmas Day


Palestrina's Missa O magnum mysterium



A recording of the Third Mass of Christmas, the Mass of Christmas Day. The Schola Cantorum performs Palestrina’s glorious, inwardly glowing, six-voice parody Mass, Missa O magnum mysterium, and the beloved Gregorian chant Mass proper “Puer natus est nobis.” This recording reflects the true meaning of the great feast of the Nativity in refreshing contrast to the usual Yuletide musical fare.

Described by Michael Davies in The Remnant (15/xi/94) as “a superb, no, I must say sublime, recording…”

Jerome Weber (Fanfare, xii/1995) writes of this recording: “…follows last year’s magnificent Palestrina Mass and chant of Pentecost with an even more important (because previously unrecorded) Palestrina Missa O magnum mysterium and complete chants of the Third Mass of Christmas, a remarkable achievement.”



Track listing:

    1. Introit: Puer natus est nobis (plainsong, mode vii)
    2. Kyrie eleison: Missa O magnum mysterium (Palestrina)
    3. Gloria: Missa O magnum mysterium (Palestrina)
    4. Collect (plainsong)
    5. Epistle (plainsong)
    6. Gradual: Viderunt omnes (plainsong, mode v)
    7. Alleluia: Dies sanctificatus (plainsong, mode ii)
    8. Gospel (plainsong)
    9. Credo: Missa O magnum mysterium (Palestrina)
    10. Offertory Antiphon: Tui sunt caeli (plainsong, mode iv)
    11. Motet at the Offertory: Hodie Christus natus est (Palestrina)
    12. Preface of the Nativity (plainsong)
    13. Sanctus: Missa O magnum mysterium (Palestrina)
    14. Benedictus: Missa O magnum mysterium (Palestrina)
    15. Pater Noster (plainsong)
    16. Agnus Dei: Missa O magnum mysterium (Palestrina)
    17. Communion Antiphon: Viderunt omnes (plainsong, mode i)
    18. Motet at the Communion: O magnum mysterium (Palestrina)
    19. Postcommunion Collect (plainsong)
    20. Dismissal (plainsong, mode v)

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