CD: Solemn Mass of the Sacred Heart


Victoria’s Missa Quam pulchri sunt



This recording was made live at Sacred Heart Church, New Haven, Connecticut, on 13 June 1999, during the celebration of the Solemn Mass of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Although an archival recording such as this inevitably includes many sounds extraneous to the music, the Officers of the Saint Gregory Society believe that many of our members and friends will nevertheless appreciate having alongside our professional recordings this testimony to the living tradition of great sacred music heard in the actual celebration of the Liturgy.

The music includes Victoria’s Missa Quam pulchri sunt and motets Ego sum panis vivus and O sacrum convivium, along with the Gregorian chants proper to the feast.


Track listing:

    1. Introit: Cogitationes Cordis ejus (plainsong, mode v)
    2. Kyrie eleison: Missa Quam pulchri sunt (Victoria)
    3. Gloria in excelsis Deo: Missa Quam pulchri sunt (Victoria)
    4. Collect (plainsong)
    5. Epistle (plainsong)
    6. Gradual: Dulcis et rectus Dominus (plainsong, mode i)
    7. Alleluia: Tollite jugum meum (plainsong, mode iii)
    8. Gospel (plainsong)
    9. Credo (plainsong, mode v)
    10. Offertory: Improperium exspectavit (plainsong, mode viii)
    11. Motet at the Offertory: Ego sum panis vivus (plainsong)
    12. Preface (plainsong)
    13. Sanctus: Missa Quam pulchri sunt (Victoria)
    14. Benedictus: Missa Quam pulchri sunt (Victoria)
    15. Pater Noster (plainsong)
    16. Agnus Dei: Missa Quam pulchri sunt (Victoria)
    17. Communion Antiphon: Unus militum (plainsong, mode vi)
    18. Motet at the Communion: O Sacrum Convivium (Victoria)
    19. Postcommunion & Dismissal (plainsong)



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